Unique Country

In February 2022, the war in our country began, because of which we faced new challenges. According to UN estimates (as of March 30), there are about 10 million refugees in Ukraine. About 7 million are internally displaced. There is no active hostilities in our city, so many refugees come here. We are looking for all possible opportunities to help people affected by the war. One example is the free art studio for IDP children, which we are launching on April 1. Drawing lessons for children will be conducted by an artist who is a member of our public organization. Her name is Olga, she works as a drawing teacher in a rural city school. Our goal is to create the best conditions for children to protect them from the suffering of war. That is why we are doing everything in our power to attract the support we can get. But the art studio is only the first step. Our next goal is to help IDPs who will stay in our city and want to take part in social activities. Our NGO has experience, knowledge and resources that we are ready to share. The fundraising campaign we are launching will help us build a foundation for the recovery and development of our community.

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