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NFTs will revolutionize donations

At Delph, we know that emerging Web3 technologies present the opportunity to change the way people support their favorite organizations; making their contributions more meaningful while also increasing the transparency of fundraising.




All of our partnered organizations have been vetted and verified prior to their NFTs being released on our platform. We always ensure that your money is going where it is supposed to go, because we value your trust and the support you show to our partners.

All of the Delph NFTs are visible on the Polygon chain at all times. That means you can pick any of our NFTs and see its information, as well as how many people have purchased it, and how much activity it has generated since its release. You can easily see all of this information by going to polygonscan.com and looking up the address of the NFT you're interested in.

Metadata related to an NFT is bound to that NFT forever, and neither Delph nor the creating organization can change it. The blockchain helps us guarantee the accuracy and the traceability of all NFTs that are sold on our platform.